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日本 - 琉球 ( Okinawan ) 回上一頁
琉球 - 關光旅遊資訊。
Discover Okinawa - information on Okinawan dance, folktales, cooking, and travel. Also links to other Okinawa-related sites.
Naomi's Okinawa Connection
Okinawa Virtual Ginza - familiarize yourself with area attractions, local recipes and folktales, recreational activities, and where to shop while in Okinawa.
Okinawa's Top 100 - explore the Top Ten tourist attractions on the islands; also listen to some of the most popular Okinawan music via RealAudio.
Tourism and Culture in Okinawa - guide prepared by the prefectural government.
Virtual Okinawa - interactive guide that includes sections on sightseeing, entertainment, dining, community, weather, and the U.S. military.
Welcome to Okinawa - covers a variety of topics; created and maintained by Okinawa resident Nobumasa Sato.
Hotel Miyahira - urban resort hotel in the center of Ishigaki city.
Hotel Nikko Alivila - Yomitan Resort Okinawa - oceanside hotel with 400 rooms, banquet facilities, a shopping mall and an array of bars and restaurants.
Hotel Nikko Kume Island - hotel has a lounge, barbecue, garden and Western and Japanese-style restaurants; activities offered include tennis, golf, snorkeling, diving and sailing.
Hotel Nikko Naha Grand Castle - sits atop present-day Naha's most well known hill, providing great views of the city.
Hotel Nikko Yaeyama - on Ishigaki island. Has tennis courts and a pool.
Hotel Sun Palace - located in Naha.
Manza Beach Hotel - on Okinawa island, near the Manzamo cliff.
Naha Grand Hotel - in the central part of Naha city, 15 minutes from the airport.
Okinawa Fuji Hotel - near the Naha bus termianl and port.
Okinawa Harborview Hotel
Okinawa Miyako Hotel - in naha, fifteen minutes on foot from Shuri Castle Park, and five minutes by taxi from Kokusai-Dori.
Pacific Hotel Okinawa - located in the western part of Naha City, a 10 minute drive from the airport.
Teera - with barrier-free lodgings for handicapped people.
Naha Live Cams - numerous webcams provide views from around the city.
Iriomote Island - photo essay of a trip to Iriomote Island.
Paradise of Natural Colors in Okinawa - pictures from around the prefecture.